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Ven Suduhumpola Wimalasara Thera

“Those who perform acts of merit are happy here. They are happy hereafter too. Seeing the good things done by them, they rejoice.”
As a fellow Buddhist monk, I feel a great sense of pleasure, paying a tribute to Ven Bodagama Chandima Nayaka Maha Thera – Chief Prelate, Taiwan. Over the years, this Ven. Monk has performed colossal missionary services, spreading the timeless word of the Supremely Enlightened Buddha, worldwide.

Among his greatest achievements to date is the publishing of the complete Tripitaka (The Three Baskets of Buddhist Teachings) in Sinhala and in several other languages. He has been able to present this unparalleled spiritual gift to mankind, with the generous support of Buddhist monks, Bhikkhunis (nuns) and lay devotees in Taiwan and in other countries.

This massive publication and his other works, are all available free, to those who need such sacred books.

Even if this is the only outstanding service he has performed for Buddhism, this by itself is sufficient as a life-time contribution. But, this is only part of his vast range of meritorious deeds.

One could turn to Manelwatta in Kelaniya, a site that will overwhelm any visitor, by the surprises, it can offer. At this location, a stupendous palace has been build, with this Ven. Prelate’s answering patronage. The central structure at this place, is the vast and spacious building that has been constructor as a modern replica, of the palace of Prince Siddharthas, at Kapilavastu in ancient India.

This enormous palace can accommodate even three thousand persons, along with the essential equipment needed at such an assembly. The Ven. Chief Prelates, offers alms to about 3000 monks and nuns, at this venue. The special annual alms offering takes place, in March every year.

It is an elaborate act of merit, as all the requisites of monks and nuns are offered at this “palace”, along with alms. The primary intention, of this great prelate, is to convert this Architectural Gem and its adjuncts, into a complex hub, that will eventually radiate spiritual and practical wisdom, worldwide.

In the first instance, this complex will function as a spiritual university, where knowledge-seekers can get together and pursue their studies. A special effort is being made, to establish a methodical and well-planned meditation centre. In today, many people are assailed by tension and august. The advanced meditation systems, that will be made available at this venue, will provide inner tranquility and an unshaken mind to those participate in this timely programme.

Along with therapy for the soul, healing of physical diseases will also be introduced at this institution. Here, utilizing both Ayurvedic and western therapeutic systems, a healthy mind as well as a healthy body, will be ensured to these who seek such assistance.

The visualized Buddhist University and its ancillary institutions, will be state-of-the-art in every way. The authoritative positions will be held by highly qualified experts. The Teaching Faculty will be composer of world-renowned scholars.

The Ven Prelate is widely known for his pragmatic approach. Under his personal supervision shelters have been built, for those who need them at such places as Kebitigollawa and Hambantota. These schemes are maintained under this prelate’s supervision and scrutiny. This Ven Nayake Maha Thera, has implemented a highly pragmatic scheme to distribute free books to school-goers. Although, Ven Nayake Maha Thera resides most of the time in Taiwan, he has a keen awareness of the progress of the projects everywhere. His affection for the land of his birth Sri Lanka, remains always undiminished. I pay my homage to this exemplary Sri Lankan Buddhist prelate, as a great personality presenter to the world, by Sri Lanka. May the Triple Gem Bless him always.

(The writer is the founder of the Children’s Organization Daham Sevana Singitto.)

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