Prelate on parental care

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Suduhumpola Vimalasara Thera, Chief Incumbent, Narithasen Josoji Vihara, Japan is the founder of the Daham Sevane Singittho Lama Samajaya. The Venerable Thera has launched a religio-social program to ensure posterity endowed with morals and religious values. The Daham Singittho Lama Samajaya was set up at the Bodhirajaramaya, Panagoda Army cantonment under the patronage of the Sri Lanka Army Buddhist Organisation.

Suduhumpola Vimalasara Thera
Following are highlights of the program:

* Children are a valuable asset to the country. The Buddha advocated the duties of parents towards their children in the Sigalowada Sutra which are applicable to even present day society. The good moral behaviour in children is a sine qua non for a healthy life.

* The destructive element in children should be eschewed and an attitudinal change in them, is a must.

The impact of what they see eyes is greater than precepts. Similarly, the audio-visual impact too has a strong bearing on their tender lives.

* A genial and peaceful atmosphere at home is imperative for an expectant mother because of the psychological impact on her and the unborn child from the surroundings. Kind words and compassion ought to be exchanged by one and all. All these are embodied in what Buddha explained as, ‘Gabba Paatiharaya’.

* It is not prudent to foist an abundance of knowledge on the child in his formative years, but persuade him to engage in intelligence-fostering work such as drawing pictures, and objects, singing and acting. Till they reach the age of six letters or figures are rather alien to the children. Consequently it is important to stimulate their intelligence.

* A sense of duty needs to be created in children by acquainting them to engage in domestic work such as opening and closing doors and windows in the morning and evening at home, washing their clothes and watering plants and flowers in the garden. These practices will certainly help create a strong individual personalty which qualifies him to face future challenges in life.

* A child should be equipped not with academic qualifications, but competence in a particular discipline which enable him to secure gainful employment. A classic example is the plight of the present day graduate whose qualifications are not adequate to compete in the JOB market.

* Time and again social problems such as loss of opportunities, frustration and setbacks begin to confront children with a strong bearing on their tender minds. In such situations, it is a must to have a conducive atmosphere at home for such children to discuss their problems or ventilate grievances openly with the parents. Parents should understand the children’s sensitivities and become more accommodative. It is for them to foster a spiritual bond with their offspring. Parents should ensure that their children repose implicit faith in them.

* Religion is indispensable. Visiting temple, worshipping and performing religious duties, speaking words embellished with loving kindness, eliminating hatred and harsh words, paying due respect to the Maha Sangha an offering robes, food and medicine to them are basic practices for which children ought to be accustomed.

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