by Ven. Suduhumpola Wimalasara Thera The wise persons remain calm and unmoved whether touched by pleasure or pain. They are serene, in the presence of...

Ven Suduhumpola Wimalasara Thera “Those who perform acts of merit are happy here. They are happy hereafter too. Seeing the good things done by them, t...

Victory gives rise to hatred. Those who are defeated lie in pain. Those who are peaceful live happily giving up both victory and defeat. - The Buddha...

A Bhikkhu’s Bouquet for Indian Premier The celebrated visit of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to Japan, stirred considerable interest everyw...

This aricle marks the 150th Birth Anniversary of Anagarika Dharmapala, later Ven. Sri Devamitha Dharmapala.   As a Sri Lankan monk, long resident...

Ven. Suduhumpola Wimalasara Thera I am a Sri Lanka Buddhist monk long resident in Japan. I hail and hold in high esteem this epoch - making meeting be...

President of the International Relations Organisation, Japan, Dr. Noriaki Suga yesterday said his organisation is planning to enrol university pass ou...

"Touched by worldly vicissitudes, if one's mind remains unshaken - this is the highest blessing." - Mangala Sutta The generally prevalent attitude in...




Colombo - LK


Sun sky is clear

  • sky is clear
  • HI/LO: 31/28
  • Clouds: 0%
  • Wind: 4.51 m/s
  • Wind Direction: SSW
  • Pressure: 1019hPa
  • Humidity: 86%

Mon scattered clouds

  • scattered clouds
  • HI/LO: 30/27
  • Clouds: 32%
  • Wind: 3.53 m/s
  • Wind Direction: SW
  • Pressure: 1020hPa
  • Humidity: 87%

Tue moderate rain

  • moderate rain
  • HI/LO: 28/25
  • Clouds: 55%
  • Wind: 2.25 m/s
  • Wind Direction: WSW
  • Pressure: 1005hPa
  • Humidity: 0%